National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report (SIAMS) - June 2015

Extra Curricular Activities


Extra-curricular activities

At Archbishop Courtenay we actively encourage teachers to arrange for pupils to experience exciting activities and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. These can take place both at school or off-site. Some of these will be free of charge, whilst others may require a voluntary contribution or cost, but hopefully at an affordable rate. These experiences broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them and inspire further learning. Our aim is that each year group will go on at least one major trip or activity per year.

Here are some of the trips that we undertake:

·         FS/KS1               Kent Life

·         Years R, 1 & 2    Spring Sing Along in All Saints Church

·         Year 3                 Living Land (Detling Showground)

·         Year 3& 4           Stone Age History Project ( Kent Life )

·         Years 3,4,5,& 6  Sing Around Christmas in All Saints Church  

·         Years 5 & 6         Imperial War Museum (Duxford)

·         Years 5 & 6         Mela Carnival Parade

·         Years 5 & 6         Maidstone Town Parade

·         Year 6                 PGL Weekend Away

Permission for all off-site activities will be sought at the very start of the year. For trips that require a voluntary contribution, a letter will be sent out in advance. Please note, where parent/carer helpers are involved, it is down to each individual teacher to decide whether they place groups of children with their own parents/carers; each teacher will make that clear in the letter when requesting help for the trip