National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report (SIAMS) - June 2015





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Transfer to Secondary Schools

Towards the end of year 5, parents will need to decide whether or not to enter their child for the PESE (Selective Education) test. The deadline is usually the end of June, and if the deadline is missed your child is unable to sit the test unless there are exceptional circumstances.
The PESE tests (which comprise Verbal, Non Verbal and Quantitative Tests - plus an unmarked written test) are sat in school at the beginning of year 6.
The outcome of these tests are sent to parents towards the end of October.

Parents must decide which school they would prefer their child to go to in year 7. All schools offer open days, and we strongly encourage parents to visit all the local secondary schools in order to make an informed opinion. Usually, you will make your applications online, and the deadline for this is towards the end of October in Year 6. Again, it is very important this deadline is not missed. If it is missed, your child will be placed in a local school by KCC that have places available. Please speak to us if you need help to make you application.

The children usually have the opportunity to visit their new school towards the end of year 6. A teacher from the new school usually visits your child at our school towards the end of year 6, and will answer any questions your child may have at that time.